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CyberCamera Co. develops and implements universal complex technologies for broadcasting sports and other mass events. The cost-effectiveness of  such solutions allows to use them at any level - from professional to amateur.
About us
Sport Vision is a product under the CyberCamera brand that has no analogues on the national market. This solution will be appreciated by both sports professionals and enthusiasts. It enables live broadcast or record of any sporting event with a minimum of effort and expense. The hardware-software complex Sport Vision was created by CyberCamera specialists with the support of the Skolkovo Foundation.
The Hardware-Software Complex
Sport Vision
Specialized video camera shoots without an operator. Works in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Installed both indoors and outdoors. One camera is enough to show a soccer match as detailed as on TV!

The broadcast is enabled by a fully autonomous camera. An external cloud service performs post-match analysis of accumulated data, generates statistics, identifies key moments, and automatically creates player and team profiles.
Who needs it?
Mass Sports
Sport Vision is a simple and effective solution for sports clubs, sections, and amateur athletes. Publish content in social networks, create your own channels. Let everyone know about your team!
Professional Sports
High-quality video recordings are a great tool of training for the high-level competitions, which professional coaches and their teams need. The video archive will preserve the whole hard way to victory.
Sports Media
The camera is able to create the highest quality video content, including live broadcasts. The complex will provide the technical basis for monetized online channels and media services.
Sport Vision instead of an entire TV crew.
The high-tech solution for professional tasks!
  • 1
    Shooting, processing, and broadcasting with an automatic camera without additional equipment.
  • 2
    Virtual cameraman provides intellectual framing in automatic mode. Shoot and broadcast without human intervention!
  • 3
    The system provides a live online broadcast and constantly updates the video archive.
  • 4
    Post-game data analysis: player profiling, map of game events, automatic creation and publication of the most interesting episodes in the format of short videos - highlights.
  • 5
    Sport Vision is scalable to the required configuration and supports:
    • any sports,
    • any localization,
    • flexible forms of monetization.
CyberCamera 360°
Intelligent automatic camera on all sides
How does it work?
Intelligent operator in action
and video broadcasts
Types of cameras

Camera models are adapted to different playground sizes and shooting conditions


Common playing ground with a standard side edge

Optical Zoom

The camera is installed far from the side edge of the playing ground

Wide Angle

Playing ground with a narrow side edge

Managers and Developers

Experience, professionalism, passion

  • Kirill Filippov
    Successful entrepreneur. The main area of his activity is communication and media technologies. PhD (Phys.&Math.) specialist in math cybernetics
  • Dmitry Filippov
    Director of Development, CFO

    Specialist in management and economics. Professional interests: commercialization of innovations and automation of production processes.

  • Denis Byzov
    Technical Director

    Programmer-developer, experienced leader of complex IT projects.

  • Vitaly Alekseev
    Lead development engineer
  • Alexander Dovgalyuk
    Development engineer
  • Daniil Nosov
    Development Engineer
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